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Cutline for printing

Cutline for printing (How to add it to your artwork)

How to add a cutline for printing to your artwork to make it print ready for Sticker King’s Roland VS-540i printer.
Please note that this is for the Roland VS-540i only
Max printing width of the vinyl is 650mm and you can design to the edge of that, the vinyl is a little bit wider.
PLEASE NOTE: CMYK value for CutContour (See below): C:0 M:99 Y:0 K:0
This is just for Sticker King’s machine and not for any other machine.
When adding a cutline for printing, leave a 1mm bleed on small images (up to 100x100mm) and a 2mm (over 100x100mm) on larger images and add the cutContour (see below) in vector on top.
Save the file as pdf.
For very accurate cutting don’t have files over 350mm in height.
Adding a Cutline for printing to your colour swatch.

1. Create cutting lines

Create a design in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Insert a cutting line around this design:

  • Draw a line around your image. Make sure that the start and end points of the line meet (so that the line is closed). Set the line weight (thickness):
    • CorelDRAW: hairline
    • Illustrator: 0.25 point
  • Create a new spot colour, and call it: CutContour
  • Select the line around your image and give it the colour you have just created